Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back!

Yes, I'm still alive.  I have been down the Jersey shore for the entire month of August with no internet access.  You don't realize how addicted you are to technology until you don't have it.
We had a wonderful time at the beach-but a month is a loooooooong time to be away from home.  I'm happy to get back to a normal routine.  The kids start school in a couple of days and things can get back to the way they are supposed to be-with everyone out of the house!  I sent my first packet in to my Vermont College faculty advisor a couple weeks ago.  She gave me some wonderful feedback on the picture books I'd written as well as my completed novel. The best news was that she really liked the novel and gave me some suggestions on a few things that pulled her out of the story.  She called one part of the novel "bloody brilliant"!  I did a happy dance around the house for that one!
I have to tell you, I'm sick of picture books, though, after focusing on them last month.  This month I am working on middle grade novels, and enjoying it much more.  In addition to revisions on the finished one I mentioned, I also am about 20 pages into a new one.  This packet is due on Sept. 11, so I'd better go get to work!