Monday, January 14, 2008

the first post...

This is my first blog post-and I am really excited about it!  I am a writer (or trying to be a writer).  I've applied to 5 schools to get my low-residency mfa (masters of fine arts) in writing.  I applied to Lesley, Vermont, Pine Manor, Spalding, and Hamline.  I plan to focus on writing for children.  If anyone out there has applied to any those schools, or any other mfa programs, drop a note and tell me about it!

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Sheri said...

Hey Dawn, welcome to the blogger world. I am also a children's writer. A friend of mine just told me if I am going to be serious about being a writer, I need a website and a blog. I was very nervous, never having blogged before. But now I am so glad I took that leap. i have met so many other writers. Hey, check out my blog too.

Good luck to you!