Friday, February 22, 2008

More information from SCBWI NY conference

I have gathered the information from several attendees of the conference regarding the breakout sessions with editors.  The following is a compilation of that information:

David Gale, VP and Editorial Director Simon & Schuster BFYP
Looking for all genres from pb to ya, although he despises rhyming pbs!  He enjoys a quirky character driven story, and short pb (1-2 lines per page).  He asked that we address submissions to the "Submissions Department" instead of to him directly.

Nancy Siscoe, Associate Publishing Director and Executive Editor, Knopf & Crown
(A division of Random House) She also expressed the desire for shorter pb text.  She takes pb and mg.

Jennifer Hunt, Little Brown Books for Young Readers
12 acquiring editors, Jennifer Hunt's assistant editor, T.S. Ferguson, also acquires material.
She is not looking for pb manuscripts at this time.  Key features in manuscripts are voice, original characters and plot, and craft (well-written).

Molly O'Neill, Assistant Editor, Bowen Press
I have no information on her, except that she is not looking for pb texts now.  She does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but I think if you put SCBWI-Midwinter Conference on the envelope, she may be required to at least look at it.  I believe that is a condition for them to attend these conferences.

Reka Simonsen, Henry Holt
Spring/Summer are the best times to submit.  Henry Holt tends to be educational, and connect to the classroom curriculum in some way.  They are NOT trendy.

Caitlyn Dlouhy, Atheneum Books
Always accepts unsolicited submissions.  Response time is usually 2-3 months, but could be longer.  Likes character driven plots with a strong voice.

Wendy Loggia, Delacorte
No pb.  All "girly" books.  Yearling Contest for mg opens up for submissions in April.  Does not usually take unsolicited submissions.

Anamika Bhatnager, Sr. Editor, Scholastic
Attendees of conference can submit pb through ya manuscripts until Jan. 2009.  Be sure to check the guidelines

I apologize if there is information missing and invite you to post any additional information you have.  You can find the submission guidelines for each of these publishing houses online,  or in CWIM 2008.  I hope you found this information helpful!


Kristi Valiant said...

Thanks for compiling this!

LEEZY said...

Thanks for sharing all this great information!

Welcome to blogville, too — it gets addictive, though. I can't keep away from blogs...

I thought the conference was pretty informational this year, especially on the business side.

Dawn Buthorn said...

this was my first big conference, so I have nothing to compare it with. I loved it though-I came away itching to write!