Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just say no

How do I get myself so overcommitted?  I don't understand.  I hate being in leadership roles, I'm not overly interested in being part of the team, I really don't even want to get involved.  And yet, here I am, "Scholastic Liason" for the elementary school book fair.  I was told it would be simple, placing orders and checking the boxes when they arrive.  I pictured myself with a clipboard checking off the books and that was the end of it.  But no...they lied to hook me and now I'm stuck.  Next week, I have to be at the elementary school every day at 8 am to set up the books, stay through the day to see what the big sellers are and to rearrange the shelves if necessary, and stay until 5 or 6 to place reorders for the next day.  How did this happen?  In the meantime, my 2 boys are both playing soccer AND baseball, and my oldest daughter is playing softball.  Can I tell you how crazy my schedule is?!  The highlight of next week, aside from the obvious-bedtime-is that I'm showing an author around our school for the day on Wednesday.  Author, and former teacher, Laurie Krebs is visiting our school for the day.  That part at least should be fun!  I fully intend to pick her brain.
So, how do you organize your life so you can be an involved parent without being psycho?  And, by the way, still get some writing done?


PJ Hoover said...

I'm starting to see a trend with mis-advertising. They always suck you in and then the real work load hits.

Sheri said...

Dawn, they sure did lie to you! Being the Scholastic Book Fair liaison is no small job!

Organizing time is never an easy thing for me. But I did quit all the committees I was on. I probably pissed off a lot of people, but I DID start saying NO. I very rarely say yes now and it has been freeing and empowering!

Dawn Buthorn said...

I've decided to tatoo the word NO in big red letters on my forehead, since I have so much trouble saying it! This is it though. I think I pissed them off when I said I would finish the job this year, but I wouldn't do it next year. Once school starts, all volunteering must end. I just won't have any time for it!
But Sheri, don't you feel guilty sometimes for not being involved in your kids' schools? That's my big problem.

Sheri said...

No. I am invloved in their school, but on my terms, when it fits in my life. And because I am there for my kids in every other way, I have no guilt. Plus, Dawn, my kids are in 3rd and 5th grade. Don't know how old your kids are, but I did more when they were younger.