Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 1 - Travel

Yesterday, Monday, July 7, 2008, I took the train from Stamford, CT to Montpelier, VT.  Because of delays, it took about 9 hours.  But it was 9 hours of watching dvd's, reading, napping, and chatting with the 3 other new students I met on the train.  Then it was off to sleep at Betsy's Bed and Breakfast for a good night sleep.

What did I learn?
I learned that everyone is as excited and nervous as I am.
I don't know how to relax and do nothing.  I was so antsy on the train, I probably drove everyone else crazy.

What's on today's agenda?
Checking in to the dorms, lunch at Thrush Tavern with as many newbies as I can gather, exploring the town, then an informal dinner at the school.  Who knows what else might come up?!


Janet Fox said...

Yay! I've finally met you and it's a pleasure! I so look forward to two years of study, hard work, and commiserating.

See you in an hour - Janet

PJ Hoover said...

So excited for you! And for Janet who mentioned on her blog you guys met! I want to meet :)