Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 6 - Picture Book Day

Yesterday, July 12, 2008, we heard some fabulous lectures!  Susan Stevens Crummel and Janet Stevens, sister author and illustrator, told us about the process they went through in writing some of their incredible picture books (too many to mention here).  They were entertaining and really gave us a glimpse into their highly creative minds.  We also heard from alum Sarah Sullivan, who spoke of her experiences in getting published.  And finally, we heard from Jeanette Larson, editor at Harcourt, who spoke of the process of creating a picture book from the other side of the editor's desk.  There was a Q&A panel with these guest where they answered the questions we all have.  We had a BBQ dinner on the green and an opportunity to get to know our classmates a little better.  Then...the big party!!! It was a great time, but I'll never be able to look at the faculty the same way!  They were dancing and partying with the rest of us and having a fantastic time!  

What did I learn?  Vermont College is an amazing place where magic happens.  People make connections with other students as well as faculty that will carry on long after graduation.  The school feels like a giant family; no one ever feels left out and can join or not join in at any time.  The faculty put themselves in the mix with the students-they stay in the dorms, attend the lectures, and play at the parties.  I will miss this place terribly when I'm done!

Today's agenda:  A few graduate lectures, a lecture by Martine Leavitt, author of Keturah and Lord Death, and readings tonight by some of the faculty, including MT Anderson, author of Feed (among others)-who by the way was dancing up a storm last night!  Tonight we get the results of the "speed dating"!  But honestly, I'd be happy with any one of the 15 advisors; they're all wonderful.

Tomorrow:  Meet with advisor; FREE MORNING!!!  Two whole hours with nothing scheduled!  Yahoo!

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